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Master with one of its top-selling writers, Celeste Stewart.

Updated for 2012, this eBook takes you on a tour led by one of Constant-Content’s top-selling writers, Celeste Stewart. Learn valuable tips from someone who knows the system inside and out and has sold thousands of articles along the way. is an online marketplace where freelance writers peddle their wares (articles and Web content) and webmasters and publishers buy them. Having sold over 3500 articles on, Celeste is well qualified to show you the ins and outs of this unique Web site for writers.

This 55-page book is loaded with advice ranging from the basics of navigating the Web site to advanced strategies such as using RSS feeds and the Constant-Content widget for more exposure.

Throughout the eBook, Celeste shares her unique insights and experiences including:

  • Pricing tips
  • Research tips
  • Keyword tips
  • What types of articles sell on Constant-Content
  • Planning for success
  • And more!
Celeste updates this eBook periodically to reflect the latest changes at For 2012, Celeste expanded the eBook by including a bonus section filled with action steps. When you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to write!


Okay, you’re comfortable with the website, your questions have been answered, and you’re ready to get started, right? Let’s do it! Don’t worry; I’ll share my success tips soon. Before I can do that, you need a firm foundation in the basics.

First, you’ll need an article, so plan on writing. What to write? For starters, write a short general interest article on a topic that you know well. It could be a “how to” article such as “How to Clean Grout” or an explanatory article such as “Why Your Vote Counts.” Later, I’ll show you how you can find popular topics. For now, I want you to write about something you know and can explain in 400 to 600 words.

Avoid first person. Instead use second or third person as the articles are going to be posted on professional websites. The reader won’t know, nor will they care, who “I” is. My old English professor would be horrified to learn that I now write much of my work in second person. He taught us never to address the reader directly as it’s “weak writing” and here I am doing it now and telling you to do the same. The Internet, however, is less formal with a style all its own and second person writing works most of the time. That’s not to say formal writing doesn’t have its place on the Internet. Understand what audience you’re writing for and use the appropriate voice.

As you write the article, make sure that you have a clear and interesting introductory paragraph, an informative body, and a conclusion that wraps it all up. In other words, a beginning, middle, and end. In addition, grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be checked, double checked, and corrected.

Use the Internet style of writing – which is short and to the point without lengthy paragraphs. Single spaced paragraphs, no indentations, and double spacing between paragraphs along with a 12-point Times New Roman font are specified in the writer’s guidelines. Notice the style I’m using in this eBook? For the most part, this is the Internet style. . .

Celeste Stewart’s Success Secrets on Constant-Content has recently been updated for 2012.

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New eBook! The ABCs of Writing Articles for the Web

The ABCs of Writing Articles for the Web
is a 20-page eBook detailing:
  • Web Usability (How Readers Read Online)
  • Internet Writing Style
  • Basic SEO
  • Writing for online readers
  • Common grammar, punctuation, and composition errors to avoid
  • Written by a Web content writer with thousands of articles published on the Web

If you’re transitioning from print to the Web, you’ll need a better understanding of the differences between writing for the Web and writing for print markets. This easy-to-understand eBook lays the groundwork for writing online.

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Thrive in Your Career – an eBooklet

Small but powerful, this eBooklet is loaded with 70 tips from 14 successful small business professionals, including Celeste Stewart. If you don’t have time for reading a full eBook, but want to put pearls of wisdom to work for you, this eBooklet is for you. Each of the booklet’s authors has contributed five success tips based on their areas of expertise. The result? Tons of ideas that you may not have considered before.

These tips have worked for the authors, and they can work for you!

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