Constant-Content Earnings

As one of’s top-selling writers, I understand that a lot of newcomers to the site want to know about my Constant-Content earnings. While I understand this, I also grew up with a modest upbringing where discussions of personal income were frowned upon. I’m not the type of person who will post screenshots of my PayPal account to show others exactly how well I’m doing with this site, a different writing project, or any other venture I may be pursuing. However, I will say this: I’m earning a decent, full time income writing on part time.

Yes, I’m doing well. My Constant-Content earnings are probably higher than most. This brings me to the second reason why I’m not willing to reveal my exact earnings: I’m one of the exceptions. Other writers I know are doing well with the site, and several are doing quite well. But I also know many writers who have submitted one article and have done nothing since. “CC just doesn’t work for me,” they grumble. In fact, I know dozens of writers who have signed up and have never submitted a single article! Others have submitted only to give up soon after receiving the first article rejection notice.

It takes hard work to get to the point where your Constant-Content earnings become significant. I know this well because I live it every day. I’m regularly writing nearly 100,000 words each month. I’m selling those words and I’m proud of every penny that I make. It’s not easy, and not everyone who gives the freelance writing site a try will do as well as I have, but many will – if they’re willing to work for it.

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