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Many new writers contact me asking about Constant-Content success. I imagine this is because I am well known on the site for just that. After all, I’ve sold thousands of articles and other writing projects there. While I have filled nearly 40 pages of text in my eBook talking about my “Secrets to Success on,” I can sum up what Constant-Content success really requires in just a few words:

  • Strong writing skills
  • The ability to accept constructive criticism and improve your writing
  • The ability to follow directions
  • A regular writing routine
  • Patience

Anyone who has submitted articles to or browsed its forums likely understands that Constant-Content success begins with strong writing skills. Non-native English speakers rarely do well there nor do those with below average writing abilities.

That’s not to say that you have to be a perfect writer. If you can take constructive criticism and learn from it, you have a good chance of having your articles accepted. Most rejection notices will tell you where you need to improve. The reason may be vague, such as “erroneous capitalization” or “comma misuse,” but you’ll at least know where to start.

Following directions is also crucial to Constant-Content success. Not only must you follow the site’s strict guidelines, you must also be able to interpret customer requests.

A regular writing routine is also helpful. After all, if you only submit one or two articles a year, you’re not going to see stellar results. On the other hand, if you submit an article each business day, you’ll have the numbers in your favor.

Finally, patience. After writing and submitting an article, it could take several days, perhaps even over a week, before it is reviewed. You’re anxious. You want it reviewed now. You want it available ASAP so that a publisher will be able to buy it right away. Guess what? It may not sell for months! So, let it go and tackle the next article.

Obviously, there’s more to it than that, but these Constant-Content success factors are a good place to start as you consider whether or not you have what it takes to make a real go of 

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