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Constant Content: A Website for Writers

Thinking about writing for Constant Content? Back in 2006, I thought about it too and then dove right in. What a terrific move. Not only was I able to earn money from writing, I took the first steps toward a rewarding freelance writing career. In my first month, I made a few hundred dollars selling articles on topics like Google, 3D ultrasounds, and tourist attractions – all topics I was interested in and experiencing at the time. As I became more comfortable with Constant Content, I started answering “public requests” and building relationships with customers. I was hooked – and still am!

If you spend much time on Constant Content’s website or its forums, you’ll soon see that I’m an active writer there with thousands of articles and other writing projects submitted, approved, and sold. While I’ve built up a steady writing business elsewhere, I continue to write for Constant Content. Even with its steep commission, I stick around. Here’s why:

  • It’s fun to to write what I want
  • I can submit articles to public requests without bidding or spending money marketing (there’s a risk here, but I’ve found it worthwhile)
  • I’ve made a lot of writing friends
  • I’m able to work with many of the same customers over and over
  • I can charge what I want
  • I’m able to earn decent money for my time and expertise even after the Constant Content commission
  • I can resell articles (for usage rights) that I’ve previously published elsewhere (for non-exclusive rights)

Constant Content Pros and Cons

As with any service, Constant Content has its pros and cons. Many of the pros are listed above. However, Constant Content does have its cons. Some of the disadvantages that come to mind include:

  • A stringent review process (this isn’t necessarily a con in my opinion but it does trip up some writers)
  • A hefty commission (35 percent of your sales price – keep this in mind and make sure to account for it in your final asking price)
  • It takes a while to get over the learning curve (I wrote an ebook, Celeste Stewart’s Secrets to Success on, that can help you with this)

Is Constant Content worth a shot? Absolutely. It’s a unique website for writers that may or may not be for you, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

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